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Vegetarian and other varieties of food are available in our hospitals. Patients have to strictly follow the diet advised by the doctors. We serve halal Western and Arab foods, if intimated in advance. For families, special suites will be arranged, with cooking facilities on prior information. The centre also offers special rejuvenation therapy to promote fitness through various massages with Ayurvedic herbal oils. These treatments protect the body from ailments, prevent premature ageing, relieve stress and strain and help to tone up the skin and enables long and health life.

The ancient treatment for the monsoon season mentioned in the Thaliyolas is done with great care and attention for the present generation.

Effective, specific treatments are available in this hospital for paralysis, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylosis, psoriasis and allergic disorders, etc. Unique medicines are prepared from the medicinal plants grown in our herbal gardens, maintained by our hospital. The medicines are prepared with great care in the hospital’s manufacturing unit, under strict and vigilant supervision and quality control, following the ancient Ayurvedic principles. Patients all over India and abroad are visiting this hospital for treatment.

Ayurveda the science of life and longevity that finds the harmonious blending of individual body, mind and spirit with that of the cosmos as per the Hindu mythology, Brahma the cosmic creator composed Ayurveda in hundred thousand words and gifted it to mankind. Thus this Asian system of therapy as old as a civilization which treasured and nurtured, continues to flourish in the land of Kerala.

The principles of Ayurvedic pharmacology are fundamentally different from that of other systems of medicines especially the allopathic systems of medicine.

The vast majority of Ayurvedic medicines are prepared from various herbs, leaves and flowers as trees topped to in their juice. Roots and leaves are crushed and boiled with water to get their essence. To make a decoction the extracts of plants may again be boiled with other vital ingredients in other words Ayurvedic medicines are often prepared under the supervision of an expert physician using classical herbal prescriptions and like other medicines, systems and pharmacological process closely resembles calandry art. Patients from all over India & abroad visit the hospital for treatments and return happily after complete cure, especially effective treatments are available in the hospital for paralysis, rheumatic arthritis, psoriasis, allergic disorders etc…


The equipments usually used in our hospitals are:

  1. Dhroni
  2. Dhara Stand
  3. Steam bath (sitting type)
  4. Wooden vessels
  5. Wooden Dhara Stand
  6. Steam Generator
  7. Nali Sweda Yandhram
  8. Vasthi Yandhram
  9. Shirovasthi Cap
  10. Awogaha Tub
  11. Mathra Vasthi Yandhram
  12. Panchakarma Accessories
  13. Spinal Bath Tub
  14. Shalaka, etc

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